img-3As one of the specialized agile project management companies in the world, we cater to your needs with specialized services. We recognize that you have unique requirements. By working with us about your project management needs and gaining experience with expert staff, we are able to tailor your project needs to your company’s requirements.

We accommodate our clients in sourcing their entire program team or individual roles such as Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Program Directors, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Quality Analysts, and Software Developers. This allows our clients to undertake multiple approved projects with limited internal resources and complete them with-in budget and time.

We have an extensive professional portfolio of project work and use creative tools and techniques to make this all happen. You will be coached by our experienced professionals throughout the process to meet your business goals.

Our Approach

Our approach is tailored to collaboration and consultation. Building a strong relationship with our customers is important to us. We research your company, your culture and business goals. We build the best project management resource for your company with our experienced staff that help mentor and train you along the process. We create this resource to maximize efficiency in your organization while meeting your organization`s strategic and business goals.

Benefits of Project Management Outsourcing:

  • Cost flexibility, as it is easier to increase or decrease the cost, according to the needs
  • Higher level of objectivity
  • Industry leading experts
  • Experiences are brought from outside and they benefit the organization
  • Exposure to newer methodologies being used by an outside specialist
  • Generally lower cost levels